Family photo Shoot

Family photo Shoot

This is life and it is well with capturing

Every Family has a unique story, so why not take us to your small gathering or even a family reunion and capture that story forever, Its our job to capture the smiles of those related young and old.

Family comes first! You always dream of having a classy and timeless professional family portrait tied on your house walls which you can often see and relive the emotions. It will inspire you to keep moving and achieve everything for your family. If you have a unique story to tell and want to capture it through photos, Mr Roddy from Perth Photography is ready to listen to your story and capture them in a series of ‘memories’.

Once you contact him, he will try to understand how the family works, strengths and weaknesses of the family members and habits to capture everyone ‘personality’ beneath the shoot. You will cherish these timeless and personal ‘memories’ for good and long. Call right now to get an instant quote for family photography services in Perth!

How long until i receive my photos

We try and send out the photos within 2 or 3 days.  If you any reason you need them sooner we are always willing to help

How many photos will i receive

I don’t really like to give exact number. In an hour shoot i expect to capture 25 to 50 beautiful photos

Can you remove spots or skin problems. Digital retouching

That’s really up to you.  It is possible to remove all skin problems. Once digital retouched your skin can look absolutely perfect.  In post processing I can even remove double chins and a few KGs. Its all personal choice.  I feel that the photo should be of yourself on a perfect day.

Who has control of the photos?

All photos are owned by you. After the photos have been delivered we are happy to delete them at your request

Printing costs

We work with a number of different printing company’s in Perth, we can order prints for you for cost plus 10%. To be honest Photographers like to hide costs in the Printing, Our advice is to order your own prints direct and save the money 🙂

Hidden fees

At we pride ourselves on having no hidden fees. The price we give over the phone is the only price your receive.  We dont have any set prices because every job is so different, from the number of people in the photo to the location of the shoot.  I can guarantee that our price are the most competitive in Perth.

       I would love to work with your family and capture all your special memories.