A beautiful portrait of your family

A beautiful portrait of your family

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1. Someday you will lose weight, get the perfect haircut, have the perfect make-up.

2. Your child has runny nose.

3. Your are so busy doing the urgent that you don’t have time to do the important.

Perfectionism leads to procrastination. Your family may never be perfect, but they are beautiful the way they are… RIGHT NOW. Is it easier to order an a new shopping bag online than it is to schedule and arrange a family photo shoot! Which will you value more? Value longer. What is better than a beautiful portrait of your family?

$300 –   2 hour photoshoot on location

$150 –   2 hours Photoshop/lightroom editing

$30 – 30mins travel to any location north of the river

$470  Total   65% Discount = Total $165

  No hidden costs
2 hours - Photo Shoot
1 Hour - Lightroom editing
1 Hour - Photoshop Editing
30min - Travel to site
4.5 hours of Value